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Your jaw will drop when you see the new Hailey Bieber lingerie pics just posted for Victoria’s Secret

Our jaws are officially on the ground after seeing the first photos of Hailey Bieber’s brand new partnership with Victoria’s Secret. Earlier this year, the iconic lingerie brand announced that it had shed its traditional angels – which involved models such as Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio, Irina Shayk and Adriana Lima strutting in the annual Victoria’s fashion show. Secret at the end. of each year in sheer lingerie and angel wings – in favor of the VS Collective, an initiative that involves pioneering women such as football star Megan Rapinoe and actress Priyanka Chopra as advisors and brand ambassadors. And we think it was the * perfect * move! Just like Hailey …

“I am really excited and honored to join the VS collective. It has been great to be part of an incredible group of women who contribute to the future of the brand while continuing to stand up for all women, ”said the 24-year-old brunette model. In the style on its new partnership with the brand.

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Victoria’s Secret

In her stunning first ad campaign for the Victoria’s Secret Silk Collection, which was photographed by fashion photographer Zoey Grossman, Hailey can be seen modeling some of the brand’s luxurious four-piece lingerie sets, which include a plunge bra matching cordless panties, dress, and eye mask. It just makes us wonder: why has it taken so long for these four piece sets to come into our lives? Because we are obsessed!

Some of our favorite pieces that Hailey rocks include a bra and panty with a matching dress and eye mask in an alluring shade of purple with a black lace trim (the purple shade is almost the same as Lady Gaga wore earlier this week at the Gucci House premiering in London… we’re spying on a new color trend!) and a four piece all-leopard print set with a pop of purple edging around the edges. See, we told you purple was the new red!

Victoria’s Secret

And those who prefer much lighter, more feminine pieces will no doubt love the pastel lilac and red trim set, which Hailey playfully modeled. Hailey looks so confident flaunting her curves and showcasing the brand’s new designs – and she admitted that was in large part because she felt so comfortable on set, as she , like the rest of the models, was treated like family.

“It was a great experience, and I love the result of the campaign,” she added. “If there’s one thing about filming with Victoria’s Secret, it’s that you’re always treated like family. The crew make it all fun, and it was like such a collaboration with everyone to help bring to life those pieces that I really love. “

Victoria’s Secret

Perhaps what sets Victoria’s Secret new collection apart from some of its older collections is the fact that it focuses as much on comfort and fit as it does on the sexy side. And this is something Hailey immediately understood! “I think comfort and fit are key. That’s why I love this Silk collection so much in the end – the stretch silk on the bra and panty gives a really good shape, and they are so soft. and stylish, ”she told the magazine.

“I think when you feel comfortable and good about something it shows in the way you behave and gives you a natural confidence boost,” she concluded. And we couldn’t agree more! Hailey looks absolutely stunning in the new Victoria’s Secret styles. We can’t wait to see his future campaigns as we are obsessed with this new relationship!

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