Crystal chart

Tennessee Depth Chart for Kentucky Game

Defensive line

Defensive end

1. (48) Ja’Quain Blakely (R-Sr., 6-2 / 270)

2. (97) Caleb Tremblay (R-Sr., 6-5 / 280)

Defensive tackle

1. (94) Matthieu butler (Sr., 6-4 / 295)

2. (11) LaTrell Bumpus (Sr., 6-3 / 280)

Defensive tackle

1. (51) Elijah Simmons (R-Soph., 6-2 / 350)

2. (95) Da’Jon Terry (R-Soph., 6-4 / 325)

3. (21) Omari thomas (Soph., 6-4 / 316)

Defensive end

1. (9) Tyler baron (Soph., 6-5 / 260)

2. (6) Byron Young (6-3 / 245)

3. (30) Romain harrison (Jr., 6-2 / 240)

Tennessee rode with a starting Blakely-Butler-Bumphus-Young lineup for the second straight game of the loss to Alabama, and that quartet led the count with Butler near 70, Young near 60 and Blakely and Bumphus in the middle. 1940s. On the defensive end, Harrison and Tremblay were both around 30, with Baron going over 50 shots after Harrison suffered an apparent leg injury from a sack at the end of the first half. Inside, Terry, Thomas and Kurott garland all were between 10 and 20 snaps against the tide with Aubrey salomon getting a few shots on the goal line as the Vols were off Simmons for a third straight game.

Having played just twice in the first six games, Bumphus has started the past two weeks and performed well, scoring five tackles in the two games with a pair of rushing quarterbacks against Ole Miss, adding to production and play. that the Vols have gotten from Butler (4.5 tackles for loss, three sacks in last three games) and Young (five tackles for loss, 1.5 sacks and five rushes in last five games), among others.

“My health is improving every day,” Bumphus said last week. “You just have to keep building better and better days, just keep going to rehab and stuff like that.” On the pitch I feel like I’m playing better, just working on the things I need to work on, using my hands, playing harder. But overall I feel like we’re playing hard, but we need to fix the details so that we can take the next step.

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