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TCU Football releases depth chart: Week 12 vs. Kansas

“Good good good. How the turntables,” said Michael Scott of The Office You would think things would be different so far. But no. Injury after injury. Coach the change. Getting manhandled by the state of Oklahoma. The list goes on. You’d think this TCU game against Kansas this weekend would make me happy. But, it sure doesn’t look like that. TCU’s offensive backfield is damaged and has yet to name a start. TCU will be making some programming changes. So we’ll see what to expect on Saturday.

Here is the depth chart for offensive, defensive and special teams:


QB: Chandler Morris (Q), Max Duggan (Q), Sam Jackson (Q)

RB: Emari Demercado (Q) OR Kendre Miller (Q) OR Zach Evans (Q) OR Daimarqua Foster

WR (X): Savion Williams, Quincy Brown

WR (Z): Quentin Johnston, Marcel Brooks, Blake Nowell

WR (SL): Blair Conwright, Geor’Quarius Spivey, D’Andre Rogers

WR (H): Derius Davis, Taye Barber, JD Spielman

TE: Dominic DiNunzio, Jasper Lott, Carter Ware

Left tackle: Obinna Eze, Kris Dike

Left Guard: John Lanz, Brandon Coleman

Center: Steve Avila, Cie McMillon

Right guard: Cie McMillon, Garrett Hayes

Right tackle: Andrew Coker, Michael Nichols


FROM: Ochaun Mathis, Colt Ellison

DT: Earl Barquet, Patrick Jenkins, Terrell Cooper

DT: Corey Bethley, Kenny Turnier OR Soni Misi

FROM: Dylan Horton, Landyn Watson

MLB: Dee Winters, Shadrach Banks

SLB: Wyatt Harris, Jamoi Hodge, Zach Marcheselli

CB: CJ César II, Noah Daniels, Keontae Jenkins, Donavann Collins

CB: Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson, Zimbalist Odhams, Ahmonte Watkins

FS: Bud Clark, Michael Onyemaobi, Da’Veawn Armstead

SS: La’Kendrick Van Zandt, Josh Foster, D’Arco Perkins-McAllister

WS: TJ Carter, Nook Bradford, Abraham Camara


K: Griffin Kell

P: Jordy Sandy, Dillon Jones

KO: Griffin Kell

H: Jordy sandy

LS: Antonio ortiz

KR: JD Spielman, Derius Davis

RP: Derius Davis, JD Spielman

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