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Swarovski Crystal Nails | Tutorial

Deborah Lippmann is as passionate about music as she is about Polish. A jazz singer herself, she bases the names of all her varnishes around songs. For example, before Kelly Clarkson won her Grammy in 2013 for “Stronger,” Deborah decorated her nails with a shimmering polish, formulated especially for the singer, who ended up being nominated for the award-winning hit.

Getting the chance to catch Deborah for a shoot meant giving it your all. And she was happy to oblige. Instead of keeping things low-key like she usually does for Fashion Week, it was all about the length and the bling with this manicure. Deborah has worked on the nails of everyone from Lupita Nyong’o to Lady Gaga, and she recently worked on rapper Iggy Azalea. “I loved her,” Deborah beamed. “She was really funny.”

Vowing to satiate my inner Rihanna, Deb decided to apply long claws to my natural nails, but not before giving them a lick of paint in Rolling in the Deep, a deep navy blue. Then she added a hint of glitter in Stronger and applied a coat of clear polish to make the Swarovski crystals stick. (Yes, Swarovski crystals.) Finally, she coated the back of the nail with the crystals and glued the nail to my natural nail.

My nails were practically guns, but you could easily tone down the look for everyday use. Simply paint everything on your natural nail and adorn it with a few faux crystals to create that “bling-out” moment.

Image source: POPSUGAR Studios

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