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Apple Watch Series 7 Gets Rare Price Drop in Very Sales, Amazon Black Friday

Entry level Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatch received a £ 20 price drop in Black Friday 2021 sales. Major UK retailers such as Amazon and Very have reduced the price of the 41mm GPS Series 7 model. This laptop is usually priced at £ 369, but for a limited time it can only be picked up for £ 349.

Very and Amazon both offer this reduced price on the entry-level Watch Series 7 model, with savings to be made on some GPS and cellular smartwatches as well.

Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular Also Got £ 30 Price Cut for some color schemes for Black Friday.

This reduces the price from £ 469 to £ 439.

The vast majority of discounted Apple Watch Series 7 devices are in stock and available for quick delivery to your door.

However, the (PRODUCT) Red version of the GPS model will take between one and two months to ship to Amazon UK.


The latest Black Friday savings mark the first big discount on the Apple Watch Series 7 (outright phone purchase) since the product first hit shelves in October.

And if you’ve been planning to upgrade your current Apple Watch for a while, or have been thinking about buying one for some time, these deals mean now is the perfect time to do so.

The Apple Watch Series 7 offers a number of improvements over its predecessors, namely the biggest screen upgrade on the device since the influential product launched in 2015.

The Series 7 has the smallest bezels even seen on an Apple Watch, which means this line has the largest screen ever seen on the laptop.

Compared to Series 6, Series 7 offers 20% more screen space.


And to show off that extra display space, the Apple Watch Series 7 has exclusive new watch faces that take advantage of that extra room.

The Apple Watch Series 7 also benefits from a more “refined” look, according to Apple, due to edges on the corners.

And to help protect that new and improved look, the Watch Series 7 features a more crack-resistant front crystal and is the first Apple Watch to offer IP6X dust resistance.

If you buy one of Apple’s latest and greatest portable devices, you’ll also enjoy 33% faster charging, as well as the ability to use all of the essential health monitoring tools that you can use. you know and love.

This includes the ECG application and a sensor and an application of oxygen to the blood.

While watchOS 8, which is installed on the Apple Watch Series 7, also offers a brand new Mindfulness app.

Considering the pressures on mental health from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, this new tool that helps you focus on your breathing to relieve anxiety levels could be of real benefit to your daily life.

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